About Dominio GQ

Dominio GQ is an automatic platform offered to the users of the .GQ domain by the Guinea Ecuatorial de Telecomunicaciones Sociedad Anonima (GETESA) in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. This automatic platform allows all Dominio GQ users to register and manage their .GQ domain names.

Dominio GQ's mission statement

Dominio GQ's mission is to improve access to the ccTLD resource .GQ - an essential resource for the internet in Equatorial Guinea, to facilitate registration and management of the domain name by the .GQ domain name registrants, to improve communication of the registrant with registry and/or the accredited registrar(s) and to increase the awareness of Equatorial Guinea accross the globe.

Infrastructure and Technology

Dominio GQ is a stable and automated platform deployed by GETESA with the support of its technical partner Freenom. With multi-redundant backbones and DNS root-servers located in every corner of the world, Dominio GQ can handle millions of registrations and is fully secure.

GQ domains and previous launches

While Dominio GQ gives away the majority of its domains for free, international best practices in trademark and IP protection have been applied during the GQ launch with a sunrise and landrush period.